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Modern poetry about Love and Lust.

Insanity: Phrases about Perfection, Imperfection, Affection, Aversion


INSANITY is a collection of poems and impressions dealing with different topics such as self-development, self-doubts, fear, love, lust, happiness. It takes readers through a process of aching, accepting, and healing; bringing light and peace into their hearts and feeding them with touching events – torn between different emotions.

INSANITY is a source of motivation, optimism, and inspiration. Modern English poetry for the young and the old. Whether one loves poems or not – the reader will be part of a lovely journey full of heartache and shifting.

The book is divided into 3 chapters:


„When Lust rushes, it’s Love that hushes.“

Insanity: Phrases about Perfection, Imperfection, Affection, Aversion


ISBN: ‎979-8432388742


I first started writing poetry shortly before finishing my studies at university in Germany. I had been involved in a lot of family drama for almost six years that had not only lead various relationships and family bonds to a breaking point but had also been a never-ending source of stress.

Writing these poems and stories helped me to record as well as sort through my thoughts and feelings. This whole journey ― creating these verses, combing through different emotions ― calmed me and oftentimes gave me a sense of my inner peace.

I learned how to listen to myself and I learned that there is more than just focusing on outer events. I started to see the positive and negative effects ― the subsequent ups and downs ― of my own decisions more clearly and finally recognized that I was indeed the primary person responsible for my future.

Over these past few years, I can honestly claim that I managed to forge my own path and to think outside the box whenever possible. I managed to be true to myself; so much so that I was finally able to accept and love all facets of myself―a never ending commitment.

With this collection of poems and impressions, I hope to pass some of my newfound insights and experiences on. I hope they put some light and peace into your heart and provide you with a bit of the motivation, optimism and inspiration needed to fulfill all of your dreams.

With all my love,



„Great work of modern poetry. The poems are put very carefully together in three different chapters and the content is very relatable and lovely to read. I also loved the illustrations and the cover design. You can just feel that the author put much love and work into this book. I totally can recommend it to anyone even if you are not a native English speaker.“ —Elena


„Seelenfutter! Tolles Werk! Hat mich schon in den verschiedensten Lebenslagen begleitet. Dankbar dafür !!“ —G. 🇩🇪


„Einzigartige Poesie. Hoher literarischer Anspruch. Ich bin beeindruckt von der lyrischen Schreibweise. Es regt zum Nachdenken an. Kann ich vollends empfehlen.“ —Mehtap 🇩🇪


„Very exciting. Some parts are highly relatable but as poems should be, some remain deeper and more abstract. Very well written. Keep up the good job!“ —Dini

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