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FEARDROP is the melodramatic creation of Berlin musician Deniz Celebi: artist, poet, and mindfulness trainer. Her mission is to stimulate all senses and connect us to our deepest emotions to reach our best possible potential. But why?

Deniz started her artistic lifestyle when she was 5 years old: pausing the picture on TV to draw some creatures. The human, materialistic life has always left her very cold. She always dives into the colorful emotional world. Her childhood and adolescence were marked by strict rules, limitations and negativity. In addition, the seriousness of society made her focus on her inner feelings. She was dissatisfied, wanted to make a difference and change the world – but had to start with herself first. At 18, Deniz made a decision that changed her next decade: She studied civil engineering specializing in statics and bridge construction, and finished her Master of Science. She wanted to give the material world a chance: shaping our world.

The disillusionment came already after a few weeks of work in one of the largest construction companies in Germany. Although she was a project manager, she wasn’t allowed to build sustainably. She had to be economical. Everything had to be cheap. So, she reduced her working hours and started off as a freelance artist.

Again and again, creativity and spirituality knocked on her door. Louder and louder. She couldn’t ignore these sounds any longer. Finally, she took the leap into the unknown and learned to trust the universe. She worked herself through remote training as a mindfulness trainer and educated herself in music and video production for 3 years.

In 2020, Deniz found her artist name: FEARDROP. She had finally dropped her fear. Nowadays, her personal goal is to create emotional bridges through art and music. Between our minds and bodies. Between the seen and unseen.

Further, her vision is to create access to our deepest feelings, which we might be afraid of experiencing. As she was afraid for almost 30 years of her life, she wants us to take fear by the hand and go on a wonderful journey: The journey to discover ourselves. Her art isn’t art if it doesn’t trigger anything in us. Her art is oneself’s a mirror. It reflects our emotions.

Discover her digital artwork portfolio here!

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